16 February 2007


Here's a song you know well: Lucky. You can listen to it and do the exercises. Remember songs are a good way to practise and improve your English. Enjoy yourself!


sandro 3b said...

chari leaves you here the comment because in that of the forum not you
orla,when it is your birthday?is it in March?that day?

SaNdro3b said...

it trims, you know the group dervish? it is going to represent Ireland in eurovision

Carolina Ramos said...

Really, it did one week before, I didn’t like this song, I said to my friends: it’s very boring, very repetitive… but now… I don’t think that because when I have listened all the song, it has made a good impression to me, so I decided translate it. I have got the song in Spanish, translated for me, with much Spanish-English… words… (It can’t to say what I’ve got be an English song in Spanish, because it’s more Tarzan’s language, but I did it with my effort so I’m happy). I need to learn to translate English songs well, I would must translate many songs in my free time, I will try it... Now “lucky” is a new song in my repertoire, it’s in my daily (diaria) songs. Thanks to you! Thank you!