09 May 2007


Do you like hip hop?
Did you know it has
influences of Martial Arts, gymnastics, African music, Salsa,...?
how did it start?
What clothes do you like wearing? Do you like
hip hop style?
If you are very interested in this type of music, look at this list of hip hop vocabulary
Now, listen to the song and then do
these activities.

And... here's a new way to study SHAKESPEARE, have a look!
... or you can listen to this song by one of our old students: RIVO&Nueva Raza.
Finally, watch this:

1 comment:

paloma martín 3ºA said...

I have liked a lot this blog because the activities that are here have helped me for prepare the exams.
In addition it is very entertained and it has hekped me to know many things of hip-hop (style that I like) like its style, vocabulary, etc. The video is very well.
Not only I like this article, I seem very good all.
I haven't written before because I haven't had time.
Thanks to do this blog for us.