01 June 2007


Your final exams are very near...
Remember you have to study everyday. Don't leave the revision for the day before the test, it's not a good idea.

You must work hard, but you have to take your time to relax, too.

Do you feel
STRESS before your exams? Leave your comments below... and read this list of TIPS TO HELP YOU.

Now you can do this short
ACTIVITY to learn some vocabulary related to exams.

Now watch, listen and relax...

To finish, here's a JOKE about final exams.


Benjamin said...

It's great your dedication about your blog. I'm charmed with your work. Sometimes one can lose the north direction, but life can teach you anyone can be the yours.

Benjamin said...

Perdón po los jerrores (In Andalusian language)

Chari said...

I think everybody (both teachers and students) loses direction in June. It's a hard month, but it's already running...at last!