26 February 2008


HELLO, young inventors!
I know you're very busy preparing your new inventions, but I think you should STOP!...

...and have a look at all the INVENTIONS related to Communication, Medicine, Food, Transportation, etc. created by men.

You can see some of them in the SCIENCE MUSEUM (London).

You can learn more about some of these FASCINATING OBJECTS.

And now you can have fun playing:
Which two inventions do you prefer?
Why? Write a short composition explaining it.
Which game did you enjoy the most? Why?

22 February 2008


Now that we are going to start working with ICT, you will need to know some basic VOCABULARY related to computers and the internet.
You probably know many of the words already.

10 February 2008

Love, love, love...

Here's the song Romeo and Juliet, by my favourite band: Dire Straits.

On St. Valentine's Day, everybody says "I love you" to their sweethearts...
Can you imagine how many different ways you can say "I love you " ?

How much do you know about St. Valentine's day?
Try these trivia games:

Now, why don't you try to complete this love letter

03 February 2008


This is some information about a virtual world you know: Code Lyoko.

This animated series is an example of what we're studying now in unit 3: Virtual living.

Now, you can learn more about Code Lyoko and sing the song.

SONG: A world without danger
There is a world that is virtual and different
It can be so cold
Makes us stand up for what’s right
Our hope through the life if we reset it to the start

Here we are going far
To save all that we love
If we give all we've got we will make it through
Here we are like a star
Shining bright on your world - today
Make evil go away
Code Lyoko we'll reset it all
Code Lyoko be there when you call
Code Lyoko we will stand real tall
Code Lyoko stronger after all
A world of machines it can shadow human nature
And all that we need
Is the way to find the answer
And one thing’s sure
You can count on us for good

We’ll do our best
To never let you down
We’re up to the test
To turn this world around