08 November 2007


" My parents don't understand me! "

The BBC carried out a SURVEY where teenagers speak about their parents, money, school, sex, religion, the pressures of modern life... Have a look at it. Do you agree with them?
This is the EXTRA ACTIVITY for unit 2 (4º ESO).
Now you can play some GAMES and watch this video about being young...


Sandro 4ºB said...

hello Chari! I´m Sandro 4ºB, the song is fantastic and the concert of the corrs is very big, many people.

kisses* Sandro

Chari Fernández said...

I'm glad you liked it. Yes, the song tells you how good it is to be a teenager...Of course you have problems, too, I know. But try to be positive always!

miriam Benjumea 4ºC said...

hello chari!!

I love a lot the video and the song, They are incredible. Who is the singer?

bye. kiss

Chari Fernández said...

The Corrs, Miriam. They are two sisters and one brother from Ireland. We worked with one of their songs last year: "Breathless", don't you remember it?
Now, try to do the activities, too.
See you tomorrow.