22 November 2007

STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! And against every human being.

November 25th is the day to remind the whole world that we must stop VIOLENCE against women

Today was probably another ordinary day for you, but TODAY lots of WOMEN all over the world SUFFERED just because they are women.

For some women HOME is not a refuge, but a place of terror. Every day, in every country in the world, women and girls are beaten and sexually assaulted by husbands, fathers, and other family members. They usually don't tell anybody because they feel scared, embarrased, isolated...

But that's not the way to stop violence. Ask for help if you are in this situation, or know anybody who is.

08 November 2007


" My parents don't understand me! "

The BBC carried out a SURVEY where teenagers speak about their parents, money, school, sex, religion, the pressures of modern life... Have a look at it. Do you agree with them?
This is the EXTRA ACTIVITY for unit 2 (4º ESO).
Now you can play some GAMES and watch this video about being young...