03 May 2007


Congratulations for your team's victory yesterday. But, remember, life is full of ups and downs...!!
Anyway, here's a VIDEO you'll love to watch.

Did you know that people played fotball 5000 years ago in China?, Did you know that The Greeks or the Romans played football more than 2000 years ago?
Now, learn a little about the ORIGINS OF FOOTBALL.
Here's a list of football VOCABULARY.
How about playing these GAMES?

What about Glasgow? What is it? Where exactly is it? What is it like?
Do you want to know more about this city?, click HERE(Glasgow).
Finally, stop for a minute and write down your comment or your opinion.


Benjamin said...

Today is mother's day. I hope you're enjoying this one.
Visit my blog.I have left an educative present for you.
Perhaps you already know it.

Sandro 3ºB said...

hello, Chari the exercises that to put in blog Is fantastic! , to helped me much since it had many doubts.To helped me much for the examination, since it comes the solutions later to you and it is very entertained.Is fantastic!. hope that all the teachers do blog. and to see how it leaves the exam!