09 March 2008


In Great Britain and America they celebrate EASTER. Easter is a festival of joy. The joy that celebrates the victory of life over death. Simbols like eggs, and bunnies are mixed up with that idea.
In Spain they celebrate HOLY WEEK.

Now, enjoy these two songs of one of my favourite musicals, Jesus Christ Superstar. Here you can listen to Jesus praying in Gethsemane.

And now you can listen to and sing a love song by Mary Magdalene


Anonymous said...

Hello, we've given you the prize Arte y Pico. We're Let's Use English.

Mayte said...

Hello, we've given you the prize Arte y Pico. We're Let's Use English.


Benjamin said...

You don´t know how much you shake me with this video.
It takes me back to my adolescence.
I remembered some of my brother (I'v e got 4) and my sister told me about this song.
I think something started to change inside of me when I payed attention to the lyrics.
I listened carefully all the musical.
I heard so many times that I can sing all the songs in spanish. You can test it.

I'd lied to you if I didn´t tell you how this affected my own faith. I can only tell you today it's very different.

I would like to share with all of you the same song but in spanish.
Thank you very very much.

Enjoy listening !!

Jesucristo Superstar

Benjamin said...

Here you have another precious song from this musical.
Could we start again please

Benjamin said...

This character let me see other point of view.
Canción de Judas

Chari Fernández said...

Hi, Benjamín. I must admit I always wanted to sing in this musical when I was a child! I also know all the lyrics by heart in Spanish...
Well, I don´t know if this is politically correct, but my favourite songs and my favorite role were those by Judas. The character of Judas is so strong and important in the story. In fact this musical makes you see him from a different and deeper point of view.
By the way, I think the Spanish version was much better regarding both lyrics and acting. And Tedy Bautista's part was great!