22 March 2010

Back again, with Mozart...

These are a few lines of the song Amadeus, that you listened to and worked on in class.
Now change the verb of the sentences to the past simple.

1756, Salzburg, January 27, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born
1761, at the age of five Amadeus begins composing
1773, he writes his first piano concerto
1782, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart marries Constance Weber
1784, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart becomes a free mason
1791, Mozart composes "The Magic Flute"
On December 5th of that same year, Mozart dies
1985, Austrian rock singer Falco records Rock Me Amadeus!

Now, watch this presentation on Mozart.

Here is a piece of the film Amadeus.

For more information about Mozart, his life and music click HERE.

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